Life before Daygame part three: World travel

It’s July 2015, I quit my job, sold my car and my possessions, I have a good amount in the bank and I’m in my best shape in years. Months of travelling are planned, life is good, I feel free and eager to finally travel the world, my life as dictator of the sharehouse is over as it proof to be a uneffective way to get the women that I wanted in my life. I hand my role to the friend who shared this enterprise with me, he gave up on game later after getting a girlfriend through social circle, they look like they will get married in the future.

My social-political beliefs are going through a change, I’ve been a leftie for years and my social circle in Australia reflected it: the neighbourhood i lived, my membership to the Australian Green Party, my equalist beliefs, the way i dressed. It’s all about to be changed, I stopped liking these progressive circles, full of people that preached values and forced them to others and lived their own lifes by a completely opposite set of principles. My major disagreement was with feminists, male and female. Feminism is to me a phony and hateful ideology that promotes a fake narrative.

I see now looking back that my trip was a search for identity, to find out what kind of person I am and what kind of life I want for me, seeing the world was definitely something that helps a lot when it comes to that. Was I still a collectivist progressive or was I something else? the whole concept of being a Sigma Male appealed to me, a growing sense of independence and self-reliance but I had still to give a shot to my old beliefs.

The first part of my trip was in India like my hippie friends did, I wanted to try the great things my social circle said this place had to offer. Soon after I arrived I found myself completely disinterested in meditation, the local culture or socializing with hippy travelers. I ended up going to the most touristic places with a cute young english girl that I wanted to sleep with but couldn’t. I was completely sure by the end of my time there was nothing that interested me about that place and that Europe was probably best for me.

My european girlfriend was back at her country and I decided to give a shot to the experience of living together with a girl, I spent three months in her country and met her family. I only have good things to say about her and the people I met there, she did make me consider the possibility of settling down. I didn’t know what to do.

By the time I was in Europe my interest in Daygame has been established, I went through dozens of posts from the Nick Krauser blog and I bought one of his books, watched lots of videos of him, Tom Torero and Street Attraction. I could not let myself give up on game without trying the form of it that seemed to suit more my personality, doing that would mean the acknowledgement of my defeat and quit my ambition of living life at its fullest, having sex and affection from many different hot young women is definitely part of that. A trip was planned to London (the so-called Mecca of Daygame) to finally try this craft.

A week in London and an approach anxiety that made me not make  a single approach, depressing. I weaseled myself by doing only tourism and travelling afterwards to the north of England to meet with friends, I was betraying myself and at the same time I was angry at me for doing that. I had to stop being a coward and give this a serious shot: I booked an airbnb apartment in central Prague (the city Torero recommended for beginners), It was going to be a whole month in a place I knew no one. I had two options: Get bored or fucking approach!

Life before daygame part two: Australia

It was five years in a big city down under: leaving my parents and finally dealing with the real world, studying for two years i, working to live and pay for my master studies, and having my first real taste of the english speaking culture.

In Latin america there is certain belief that our dicks are worth more, people tend to believe on the myth of the ‘latin lover’. I certainly had the expectation that in Australia girls would have a real sense of my value and that my condition of a foreigner would magically make me attractive, the same way white men enjoy this benefit when they travel to my native land. It didn’t take me long to realize that I was not shiny or special in a place with significant immigration and a highly competitive sexual atmosphere. My compatriots didn’t enjoy any significant success either and they simply settled for the women of own country (Whose value skyrocketed and now many were married with local men).

During the first year I didn’t make many friends, It took me a while to adapt to the culture and the ways people socialized there. Everything changed after I moved to a sharehouse in a hippy area. Suddenly I was going to parties of internationals and meeting people all the time. I didn’t have success with women in this new environment but I least I was meeting more of them and creating a social circle that would feed me with more and more opportunities of interacting with attractive girls.

After a while, me and a friend from my country gained control of the lease of this house and decided to use it as much as possible to construct a massive social circle and make us players. During 3 years we decided to fill our large number of rooms with mainly hot european exchange students. We definitely managed to meet and befriend lots of girls but time we remained unable to fuck them, most of them were simply not attracted to us and we also lacked intent, we were hiding our dicks. In retrospective, I think of what we did as failed snake seduction scheme. Social circle game didn’t work for me.

I only had sex with two different girls in Australia, a colombian girl engaged with an australian dude and a west european girl that became my girlfriend. I met them both through a married colombian girl I met from the local colombian community. I was definitely trying to fuck more girls but it just didn’t happen to me, I read about pick up on those Australian years and took little action, I went to some nightclubs but never even even came close to success, these environments completely destroy my vibe and I feel powerless there. Night game didn’t work for me.

I’ve been always very curious about history, politics, countries and the world, it occurred to me that what I needed was to futfill one of my dreams and travel the entire world. At the end of my time in Australia I had saved enough money to do a very long trip, obtained an australian passport (better to travel), lost 20 kg and reached a healthy weight , was tired of being glued in an office chair from 9 to 5 and living in this very social but ineffective house; Conditions were perfect to get the fuck out of Australia.

Life before daygame part one: South America

I lived for most of my life in one of the biggest cities in South America and grew up in a middle class family. My culture has two faces when it comes to sexual relationships as it is deeply catholic and conservative but quietly obsessed with sex. We have beautiful women (although they are far from being my favorite) but also a very blue pill society that pedestalizes marriage and christian values on the surface, it its hard to escape from this social conditioning, but it’s possible.

During my teenage years I was almost invisible to attractive girls, never thought of myself as a ladies man despite the fact that I always wanted to be one since I remember. I enjoy sex and affection of women too much, sometimes I wish that wasn’t the case, It’s a curse and a blessing to be obsessed about something you like a lot.

I managed to have a few girlfriends and sexual experiences before I moved to Australia in my early 20s, of course these girls weren’t very attractive. I simply settled with the few options i had but I wasn’t unhappy, I didn’t know any better and growing up as K-selected male I held the firm believe that if I worked hard on my career and became a highly productive member of society the natural consequence would be the reward of getting sex from beautiful women.

I did a Bachelor in IT in my native country and experienced the natural social repercussions of it: Surrounded myself with gameless chodes, had little contact with attractive girls and spend most of my time in front of a computer. I was probably one of the best students there, computers and technology came very natural to me and programming became a true passion. I was a proper gamma male: only accepting friends that were good at programming as well, arrogant with other students that weren’t as smart as me, ignored and sometimes despised by women. I truly had the conviction that I was a high-value guy but the world was so stupid to realize.

As years passed in university my hopes of getting a hot girlfriend started to fade away and before ending my university years I instinctively gained awareness of my low sexual market value (of course I didn’t even know that concept back then).

Before I left to Australia a really hot girl joined my university social circle, for the purpose of this story I’ll name her ‘Maria’, remember this name because she will be mentioned in future posts.

I was very attracted to her but thought of her as way out of my league, I didn’t even bothered on trying to hook up with her as I was sure it could only lead to the pain of rejection. Incredibly, my indifference actually attracted her and soon a friend of mine informed me that she was into me. I felt extremely lucky and couldn’t wait to make her my girlfriend.

We started to go out regularly and I expressed her how much I wanted her, we kissed a few times, but after a while my neediness completely turned her off, she started to ignore me. This was probably the chodiest time of my life, Maria realized how desperate and needy I was and basically friendzoned me, we never had sex. A few days before leaving my homeland I learned she had a new boyfriend. I was devastated, this was my ONE chance of getting of a girl of that beauty and I blew it.

In my first 6 months in Australia I had no friends or a social circle, I tried to get Maria to join me in the other side of the world, move in with me and study. She thought about it and we discussed it for months, but it never happened. I showed too much interested and even suggested that I would pay for her flights and maybe some of her expenses there, what an idiot.

One day I realized it was never going to happen and we had a huge fight on Skype, I decided that it was over and that I should get a girlfriend in the place I was living, that was the day I first learned about something called Pick up artistry.

The purpose of this blog

Call me lobo, I am a south american daygamer who just moved to London, I have decided to start this blog to document my Daygame journey exactly one year after I started.

I intend to write here to achieve a few things:

  • Keep a memory of one of the activities I feel really connected to so in the future I can look back and understand my history better.
  • Organize my thoughts about daygame to increase my capacity of improvement.
  • Share my story with others, daygamers or not, and get involved in the discussion of this amazing craft.

Let’s get started.